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The card that is revolutionizing the industry. Save time and money with the JetAway Card!

The JetAway Cardholder Card

JetAway Charters is committed to providing the highest level of service. In addition to our JetCards, we also provide typical ondemand jet chartering. Even though our pricing is very compettive with the industry average, the frequent flyer will save money with our card. Our standard chartering service has NO upfront costs or fees. Aircraft are subject to price, availability and normal markups. In the event that one of our JetAway Cardholders would save money paying for an individual flight instead of using units, our Private Aviation Specialists will inform them of such and pass along the savings.


Call 1.800.598.JETS(5387) and speak with one of our Private Aviation Specialists. JetAway will provide charter quotes at cost from a network of over 6,000 aircraft. Select an aircraft and quote with our JetAway specialist. Points will be deducted from your account based on the routing chart. No hidden brokerage fees and markups. Your transaction costs are fixed! You pay cost and taxes on a per flight basis.

how does it work
How It Works

The JetAway Card has revolutionized the Jet card industry. Simply pay fixed Transaction fees and our hard cost. Purchase transaction units at one of our Four card levels. The units will be Deducted using a simple chart. Receive the Private jet charter at cost and avoid The hidden markups and brokerage fees Usually associated with flying private.


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card benefits
Card Benefits

*Very low upfront cost
*Fixed transaction fee
*NOT locked into aircraft size
*NOT locked into aircraft class
*Over 6,000 aircraft
*Charter flights at cost
*NO expiration Date
*Fully transferable
*Pay as you fly!


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Verified Quotes

You may always request a redacted copy of the Original invoice. Our JetAway specialists will gladly provide you with one.


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Call today and signup for your JetAway Card! Flying private has never been easier. Our JetAway private aviation specialists are ready to assist you.

USA: (800) 598-5387

International: (561) 454-7400


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Typical Price with JetAway Card

Where do you want your private jet to go? When do you need to arrive/return? Our Aviation Agents will handle the rest.

  Boca Raton - Bahamas   $6 - $8K   $7 - $9K   $11 - $15K  
  West Palm Beach- New York   $9 - $11K   $14 - $16K   $16 - $20K  
  Miami - Las Vegas   $26 - $35K   $30 - $40K   $39 - $60K  
  New York -Los Angeles   $28 - $40K   $28 - $40K   $30 - $40K  
  Barcelona - Mykonos   $20 - $35K   $20 - $35K   $36 - $48K  
  London - Dubai   $40 - $45K   $45 - $53K   $63 - $80K  
  New York - London       $55 - $57K   $60K+  
New York - Hong Kong       $120 - $150K  

Purchase Units

Purchase units at one of our four card levels: Silver, Gold, Platinum, Black, Receive units at a fixed cost and use these units to book flights.

  Black   $50,000   550   $91  
  Platinum   $30,000   300   $100  
  Gold   $20,000   125   $160  
  Silver   $10,000   50   $200  

Redeem Your Units

Use the units in your account to book flights at cost. The Chart below indicates how many units are required to book each leg of a flight.
Units will be deducted as you use them.

Heavy/Long Range
  North America, Carribbean Island, International Flights within 1500 miles of origin   10 Units   20 Units  
  Intracontinental Flights under 1500 miles outside North America   15 Units   30 Units  
  International Flights more than 1500 miles from origin   24 Units   50 Units  


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